I'm a


Hello! I'm Ezequiel, also currently known as PistonCube, a passionate 16 year old self taught developer living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I also love doing open source development, I actively maintain various Projects. It gives me a wonderful sense of accomplishment and joy that I can't put into words.
  • Birthday: December 14, 2006
  • Website: www.pistoncube.com.ar
  • Discord: PistonCube#0001
  • City: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Watch the latest PistonCube video here:

Programming Languages

Here are the programming languages ​​which I use and the programs I use for my videos and the percentage I master.

HTML5 83%
CSS 75%
JavaScript 50%
Node.js 65%
Filmora 99.9%


These are my projects over the years.